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Linda WaldonI hope you find my blog a great resource!

It’s not enough to be smart and talented. Now you have to create a brand image and broadcast it all over social media. At ANY age, this is not an easy thing to do. But after turning fifty, it can feel like a challenge. This is not bad news. It’s just reality. What I’ve learned over the past seven years as a personal stylist is ANYONE can walk into a room and OWN it when you release self doubt and body image hatred, and dress in the colors and style that express all your gifts.

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This blog is dedicated to helping you look put-together, feel confident and create your most passionate life. Please join me, and the “I AM VISIBLE” tribe of beautiful women over fifty reinventing our second act!

How To Use Color To Change Your Reality

July 10th, 2017|Categories: Color|

What if I told you just by changing the color of what you’re wearing you can change the way you and others feel, which can change your reality? Crazy? I don’t think so. You’ve probably noticed that color changes the way you FEEL. That’s pretty powerful medicine! Perhaps this is worth considering next time you want to change your mood

3 Ways To SHOW UP More Confidently

June 26th, 2017|Categories: Confidence|

What happens when you’re too tired, or too lazy, to put any effort into SHOWING UP CONFIDENTLY?

You already know the answer. I dare say, when I don’t make the effort to look put-together, I not only feel invisible, I actually want to BE invisible. I’m not likely to introduce myself as an image stylist because at the time I’m not