Easy Going Summer Looks

2017-09-23T12:29:48+00:00 June 16th, 2016|

I work in a beautiful clothing consignment store and many women over fifty come in looking for a summer dress. They want easy going, relaxed fit but not completely shapeless, with some sort of sleeve

Comfortable Shoes for Women

2017-09-23T14:22:58+00:00 July 24th, 2015|

What’s the most common complaint I hear from clients? They can’t find comfortable shoes that still make them feel attractive and, dare I say, sexy. As women get older, one of the most prevalent ailments

What to Wear in a Heat Wave

2017-09-23T13:01:19+00:00 July 3rd, 2015|

Ack! It’s hot outside! Sweltering, in fact. Feels hot and sticky. A cool shower, jumping into a freezing cold river, throwing a bucket of ice water over your head….relief. The issue for women over fifty