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Confidence Changes Everything

Here’s What You Can Have:

a self-guided program module of your choice + 30 minutes of 1:1 time with Linda +

a customized Styled by Linda, Stylish for Life video just for you + color and style clarity

The truth is… Confidence is much more than what you wear. It’s how you FEEL about yourself.

And that’s the journey I take women on all over the world!

Once you discover yourself, and project your beauty and power into the world, you will never go back (I promise!).

Let’s be honest. Aging gracefully often feels anything BUT graceful. In my years of working with clients (some my age and some younger), I’ve come to that we all beat ourselves up about how we look. I’ve spent years listening to how women over 50 hate the changes their bodies are going through. They feel frustrated or helpless because they don’t know how best to dress their post-menopause bodies. It used to break my heart.

See, I’ve been there. I’m not saying I want to parade around naked all the time. But I AM glad I learned how to dress to feel my best and how to dress to feel happy (or confident or good). I’m always more confident on the outside when I feel better on the inside because I know I look my best.

I understand how easy it is to beat yourself up because your body doesn’t look like it did 20 years ago. Or because your clothes don’t look the same on you as they used to. I’ve been there, too!

I understand how frustrating it is to walk into a store and see all the short, cutesy dresses… that are for your daughters. Ugh.

Where are the beautiful clothes for YOU?!

Wait! There’s something women over fifty are missing!

Hear me out here….there are so many women like you who loathe their body changes. Granted. They just want to find a simple, easy uniform to wear every day that gives them confidence to walk out the door and ROCK it.

It got me thinking…

“It’s all in the details!”

Subtle wardrobe changes.

When you see your body looking good in clothes – just once – everything begins to fall into place.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s the Art & Science of Color and Style plus The Art of Distraction.

I’m asking you to trust that I can teach you how to dress your body in a way that makes you feel just as powerful and confident (or even MORE) as your pre-menopause body.

Would you be willing to invest a little time and a little money to feel confident walking out the door every day?

What is feeling confident everyday worth to you right now?  I mean really! What’s that worth?!

  • If you’re retired and don’t need to dress for the office, I can help you with your casual look so you always look and feel your best. Check!
  • If your body has changed so much you don’t know the right proportions anymore, I’ve got a formula to teach you that will solve that problem. Check!
  • If you’d like to feel more attractive in your existing outfits, I can teach you how to put together pieces that look great. Check!
  • If you’re in a style rut, I can help you get out of it and get moving to where you deserve to be. Check!

Ok, here’s your first step!

Introducing my Premiere Styling Program:
Embody Your Confidence

This is my premiere value program that you can take advantage of NOW. It’s called EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE. You can design this program exclusively to fit your style confidence needs.

Here’s what you get:

Access to one of my Style Your Way To Success Mini Courses (descriptions below)

Choose the module that you need the most help with: Color Confidence, Body Confidence, Style Confidence, Closet Confidence. Each module comes with 4 videos, step-by-step exercises, and more!

30 minutes of personal style consultation time with Linda

Receive additional color and style advice and support from me during your 30-minute Skype session. Bring your style dilemmas, get shopping advice, create new outfits, anything that will give you the confidence you deserve.

Customized Styled by Linda, Stylish for Life video created just for you!

One of the things I’ve done for my clients over the years is create a video that gives them a glimpse of their style transformation. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie showing what you could look like just by tweaking the outfits you wear. It’s a stylebook movie. Most of my clients cry when they realize how beautiful they really are.

True Colors color palette card or Online Personality Assessment

When you select the Love My Colors module, you’ll receive a color card with your most beautiful colors you can use to go shopping or clean out your closet. If you select Love My Style module, you’ll receive an online personality assessment that I’ll interpret and show you how to dress your personality!

24/7 community in Facebook group

When you purchase this program you’ll be added to my very private Facebook group immediately. The Facebook group is where you’ll receive personalized style advice from me. That’s right! You get access to me, and a larger community of women over fifty supporting your success.

Enroll and bring confidence
back into your life:

  • The way you look is your SECRET WEAPON!
  • You can stop hiding out in your clothes
  • Become visible and be the confident woman you are meant to be
  • See your body as a work of art. Learn how to dress the body you have today.
  • Put the finishing touches on your appearance so you can live the life of your dreams

Here’s what women say about this program:

[About the style inspiration video] “OMG!!!! You made me cry!!! That was SO much fun!!! I love it! So cute. Thank you!!!!! Love those styles!” – Linda Stone, Shell Beach, CA

“My virtual style consultation with Linda was a fabulous experience! Since growing out my silver-coloured hair and shedding some extra weight, I felt I really needed some guidance with makeing new clothing purchases. Now I know how to build a wardrobe, and all my new purchases blend so nicely together — this is a dream come true for me! Linda is a delight to work with.”
— Sandi McRae, Canada

“I was feeling frustrated and stuck whenever I approached my closet, knowing it was time to upgrade my look but not sure how. Your fresh and highly trained eyes showed me how to create outfits with the style video. I can’t wait to go shopping with my new color card in hand!”
— Delia Horowitz, California

“Linda’s Embody Your Confidence program put the icing on the cake for me. I refer back to the videos to make sure I’m looking for flattering necklines and shapes for my body and face. And the Style Inspiration Video she sent me that was customized for me is so helpful! She sent me a show of styles I might like, with my face instead of the model’s. Perfect!” — Janet Hilts, California

You’ll be choosing one of these 4 style training modules.

Read through the descriptions of what you’ll learn in each module

Then, send an email to linda@lindawaldon.com with your choice!

Love My Colors!

It’s totally normal to change the colors you wear after fifty. In fact, it’s a MUST!

Color is one of the first things people notice about you. Doesn’t it make sense to always wear colors that create the most unforgettable impact?

As women get older, our coloring changes. Especially if you’ve decided to go gray, that makes a difference in the colors that look best on you. If you’re bored with the colors in your closet, it’s time to bring your COLOR SIZZLE back!

This mini-course is delivered in 4 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you determine your color palette. You’ll receive a gorgeous color card package in the mail to help you go shopping and clean out your closet.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

Know exactly what pitch-perfect colors make you look and feel radiant

Understand how to mix and match colors to create fabulous outfits

Use color to express your personality, look younger and spice it up!

Curious? Watch a short 3-minute preview of what you’ll learn here >> Love My Colors Sneak Preview Video

Love My Body!

How many times a day do you think or say something unflattering about your body?

So many women, especially after fifty, are unhappy and disconnected with their bodies.

When you learn how to look at your body objectively without judgment you begin to appreciate all the things your body does for you, and you can begin to love the skin you’re in. Just discovering your body shape and learning strategies to dress your unique shape in an attractive and natural way will release years of frustration!

You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in your skin, and I can teach you how. It’s time to bring your BODY SIZZLE back!

This mini-course is delivered in 5 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you understand and dress your body shape more confidently.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

See your body as a work of art — the shape, lines, and form

Choose clothes that are flattering for your body shape

Take command of your clothes and how to style your look

Create balance and proportion with your outfits

Love My Style!

Style is simply about looking put-together and comfortable in your clothes.

When all the pieces fit together perfectly — your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.

When your clothes fit who you really are you will look and feel harmonious.

If you’re all over the place when it comes to buying clothes, and you have a hard time deciding what to wear, this mini-course is for you!

You will create your signature style and actually assign descriptive words to your style. It’s time to bring your STYLE SIZZLE back!

This mini-course is delivered in 4 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you determine your color palette. You’ll define your signature style and create a Style Vision Board.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

Define two words that describe your style

Express your personality with your clothes

Know exactly what to buy because it fits your personal style profile

Put outfits together quickly and easily that tell the world who you are

Love My Wardrobe!

Do you stare into your closet and feel depressed, frustrated or just lost?

Would you like your closet to contain only the clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident?

If you have a disorganized closet, too many clothes and nothing to wear, or are just ready for a closet purge, this mini-course is for you!

You will learn how to clean out and organize your wardrobe so you can get dressed easily and pack for a trip without stress. It’s time to bring your WARDROBE SIZZLE back!

This mini-course is delivered in 4 videos all under 20 minutes plus a workbook to help you determine your color palette. You’ll clean out your closet, get rid of clothes that don’t work for you anymore, and organize your wardrobe so it works for your lifestyle.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

Keep your closet organized forever

Create all the capsule wardrobes you need for your lifestyle

Pack for a trip like a seasoned traveler without hassle or stress

After we meet, you’ll receive a customized Style Inspiration Video with style ideas just for you to get you going reinventing your style and your life!

Here’s a video example of what you’ll get…


“Linda Waldon has been such a huge help for me as I re-launch my business. I was feeling confused and bummed out, because I knew many of my clothes were no longer flattering. The bright colors that used to look great on me now washed out my changing skin, hair and eye color. But I didn’t know what to do about it. I just felt old and frumpy. Her in-depth videos, the color cards she sent me and the questions she answered for me have made shopping fun again! Now I can buy clothes that make the most of my individual coloring. 

Thank you, Linda. I feel so much more confident putting together a fresh new look as I get my business going. You are truly a godsend!”

Janet H.

EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE – Click on Enroll Now To Begin Your Style Transformation!