Spring 2017 Ready To Wear Fashion Preview


I’ve looked at the Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear runway shows and tried to make sense of what I saw. It’s always exciting but this year wasn’t easy because the looks are all over the place. Usually there’s a cohesive theme that brings a collection together, but this season even within collections there was chaos and complexity. So, for my trend-conscious gals, this may be a season to pick very selectively. Didn’t see much “athleisure” or skinny pants on the runway. I’m not ready to let skinny jeans go, what about you? Usually my over-fifty clients have to adapt and improvise the new fashions, but this spring I think you’ll be pleased. Tailoring is back, which flatters a curvy figure. Belts are in, which I re-introduce to my clients as a way to highlight your small waist or bodice. Loose-fitting is also back, so if you’d rather be comfortable, you can do that.

On seeing all the variety on the runway, it dawned on me that maybe this is the new direction of fashion – a feeling of individualism that creates a sense of anything goes. Your style is your individual choice. Here are some of the trends I saw coming down the runway for spring:


There is no one way to be stylish, and fashion has become a melting pot of diverse personal choices. You have the power to state your signature style (every client of mine has her style words!) and change it at will. If loose-fitting and relaxed is your look, you’ll love the Frame spring fashions (below). Long sleeves, loose culottes, soft fabrics.



Your outfit is defined by how well it harmonizes as a whole with your personality. This is a MUST if you want to be comfortable in your clothes. Think of layering all sorts of pieces to create interesting proportions, assessorizing, pattern mixing, mixing colors and wearing statement makeup. You’re free to explore the limits of what goes with what according to your quirky personality. But it has to come together in some sort of harmonic resonance, like Roberto Cavalli below.

Roberto Cavalli

Modern Retro

When you incorporate a trend from a bygone era AND add a piece of modernity to your look you’re creating a modern retro outfit. Now, the retro pieces can be new reproduction pieces bought off the rack today. Or, you can find them in your local consignment and thrift stores. We’re seeing the 60s, 70s, and 80s continue to influence today’s fashion. You could mix a retro pair of bell bottom jeans with a modern long cardigan over a floral silk blouse so popular today. The key is to create a tension between yesterday and today. Check out the handbag!

Alice + Olivia

Structured Waist

You’ll see more waist definition, accomplished by tailoring, fit and flare dresses, peplums, belts, and tucking tops into high-rise pants. For those of you who have a small waistline, this is going to be YOUR season!

Michael Kors

High Rise

Yep, the pants and jeans are high rise to give more waist definition. It’s a 70s and 80s flashback! This is a hard trend to wear if you’re short-waisted, as I am, or apple-shaped, so stay with your mid to low-rise jeans or buy them NOW while they’re available. For you long-waisted and long-rise women, you’re going to be in shopping heaven this spring.


Cropped Pants

You’ll see jeans, culottes and trousers cropped two to four inches above the ankle. I admit I haven’t gone to this style yet, as I’m still enjoying my skinny and cigarette-length pants. But I’m going to be tempted this spring because they look so darn cute and comfortable! Wear them with a chunky heel mule shoe or sandals.



Oversized and fluid fits are still here, but they are no longer the trendy fit. Tailoring is gaining momentum, and I’m happy about that. Tailoring is what gives you shape! I’m crazy about this tailored Bally jacket.


Garden Florals

Florals are the pattern this season in tonal colors, high contrast, and mixed patterns.


Alexander McQueen

Flat Footwear

They’re listening! Designers made a statement by showing all sorts of dressy and casual flat footwear. Pointy, square, round, and round square toe boxes were popular on the runways. Backless and slip-on footwear is all the rage. Peep-toe booties are still going strong, as are all sorts of styles with ankle treatment like straps and ties. Sneaker and sneaker hybrids are still going strong. Dainty and refined footwear is as trendy as chunky silhouettes. Finally we have a huge variety of shoes to pick from!

Trina Turk

If you’re wondering how to incorporate some of these trends into your current wardrobe, I will be writing about style strategies for your spring looks in future articles. Your job is to filter through the spring trends, keep the ones you love, and leave the rest. Incorporate what you love into your signature style, and try something new to see how it feels. Be inspired! With spring comes refreshment and empowerment!

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  1. Judy Klearman February 21, 2017 at 9:16 am - Reply

    Love the article… Glad I kept items I hoped would come back someday. Will look forward to further articles!

  2. Chris Mastin February 21, 2017 at 9:30 am - Reply

    I like the little fitted jackets. I’ve noticed a lot of them available right now at some of my fave thrift shops. Time to go shopping!!!

  3. Elizabeth Roebber March 11, 2017 at 6:22 pm - Reply

    Great synopsis of something I find overwhelming. Love that the jackets are getting so long, I think that helps with my short waist.

    • Linda Waldon March 12, 2017 at 7:02 pm - Reply

      Thank you Elizabeth! I agree, sometimes the beginning of a new season can bring on too many choices and not enough guidance. Always do what’s best for your body type and coloring. I like longer jackets, too. I just purchased my first “boyfriend” jacket and I wear it all the time. It’s a dark lime green and I treat it like a neutral.

  4. Lynda Davis April 4, 2017 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Cropped flares aka coulottes were never attractive but I’m happy I saved a few of my best blazers from my working days. Intend to partner them with tees, blouses and dark skinny jeans.

    • Linda Waldon April 4, 2017 at 4:45 pm - Reply

      I do not own a pair of cropped flares yet myself, but I am warming to the idea. I just helped a client buy a pair of cropped flair denim pants at The Gap, and she looks great! They look good with ballet flats as well as strappy sandals with heels. Actually, I do have a pair of cropped, flare linen pants that I wear on the hottest summer days and they’re quite wonderful. I have read in the style magazines that skinny jeans are “dead.” I don’t believe it, as we’re all still wearing them. But the fashion industry loves to change things up to sell more products. I think skinnies are here to stay… Your blazers will be perfect with tees, blouses, and skinny jeans.

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