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Ready To Get The Real You Back?

Book Your Two 60 Minute Style Rediscovery Sessions With Linda Today!

When you book your two 1-hour Style Rediscovery Sessions With Linda,

you’ll get so much more than two hours of coaching! You also get Linda’s expert eye on you and your image prior to the call, as well as a customized Style Inspiration Video with style ideas just for you to get you going reinventing your style and your life!


During your work with Linda, you will walk away with one or more of the following:

  • Know exactly what colors make you look and FEEL radiant now that your hair color is changing
  • Map out the clothes that you WANT to wear every day — especially if you’ve had body shifts and weight gain after menopause

  • Create a post-retirement stylish look for your new, more relaxed and exciting lifestyle
  • Create a shopping list and target the best places to shop these days when the fashion industry seems to only cater to 20-somethings!

  • Design your current wardrobe to express your personality, look younger and spice it up!
  • Create an easy, effortless, yet still “hip” wardrobe of mix and match clothing as you age gracefully
  • Formulate new ideas to use accessories in different ways to look polished and put-together
  • Re-purpose the clothes you already have by shopping in your own closet
  • Organize your closet and have more joy every time you get dressed — go from DRAB to FAB every day!

Yes! Linda, I’m ready to Activate My Style Confidence so I can

Emerge With More Confidence Than Ever Before!


“I met Linda several years ago when I enrolled in her Style Your Way To Success Workshop. We became fast friends and now we collaborate on creating color palettes for my makeup line. Linda helped steer me to the right clothes instead of wasting money on the wrong pieces, and now I LOVE all the gorgeous colors in my closet! I highly recommend Linda to help you find just the right colors and styles that will lift your confidence. She’s fun, she’s energetic, she knows exactly what works and it’s obvious she loves what she does – that’s probably why she’s so good at it! I’ve recommended her to all my Simple Beauty Minerals customers.”

Lisa Liguori, CEO & Founder, Simple Beauty Minerals

“Linda, you are totally awesome – I am learning so much and enjoying this [virtual style consultation] immensely. You’ve given me hope, LOL! HOLY COW – so, so interesting!!! I’m gobsmacked – had no idea I was a rectangular shape until I did the questionnaire….all these years I thought I was curvy. Everything is so doggone interesting!! My virtual style consultation with Linda was a fabulous experience!”

Sandi McRae

“Prior to meeting Linda, at best, I had a vague idea of how I might want to look as a professional woman.  I never paid much attention to clothing because I was busy being everything in my business. But, I had two very important events to attend and they were quickly approaching.  Clueless as to what I would wear, Linda came to my rescue. She helped me put together outfits from pieces I already had, but had never put together.  She also identified key pieces I did not have and needed. A few days later, Linda took me shopping with a very specific list and we filled in the clothing needs that had been identified.  What a ton of fun! Shopping with Linda exponentially increases your success rate.  I highly recommend Linda to all women who want to look their best.”

Colleen Rosenthal, Colleen Rosenthal Photography

If you’re ready to get the old you back and live in alignment with your body so you can express yourself through powerful style, don’t miss this opportunity to work with Linda and get hands-on help cleaning out the old and clarifying the new!

Linda’s 60 Minute Style Rediscovery Sessions are customized for exactly where you are in your life and body today.

If you’re just starting out and you haven’t a clue about your style vision, these sessions provide:

  • A new self-awareness about your real body and a new way of seeing yourself
  • A new understanding of what types of clothes you want to wear that look and feel like you

  • How stepping into your beauty, body, and divine feminine energy as a woman over 50 will change your life
  • A style vision plan for how you COULD look and FEEL in your clothes

If you’re more advanced, these sessions provide:

  • Clarity on the colors, garment styles, and styles that are So You!
  • Hands-on help figuring out what to keep in your wardrobe and what to let go
  • Actual shopping list for the pieces you need to add to your wardrobe in order to meet all your lifestyle needs
  • Fashion ideas you could incorporate into your wardrobe that you may not have envisioned yourself wearing

Either way, these personalized sessions are designed to help you:

  • Align your inner beauty and strengths with the way you dress — so people GET YOU!
  • Create a vision for how you want to look and FEEL in your clothes — not based on trends or fashion rules, but YOUR choices of whatever you want to wear!
  • Cultivate a beautiful, personal wardrobe with YOUR colors, style, and accessories that give you the confidence to live your dreams — EFFORTLESSLY
  • Be your most fabulous self — no more overwhelm, questioning what looks good on you, trying to conform; this is YOUR life and your time to shine!

After we meet, you’ll receive a customized Style Inspiration Video with style ideas just for you to get you going reinventing your style and your life!

Here are 2 video examples of what you’ll get…


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“OMG!!!! You made me cry!!! That was SO much fun!!! I love this inspirational style video! So Cute. Thank you!!!!! Love those styles!

I wish we had taken a before picture of my closet before my closet cleanout. You wouldn’t believe it now in its after-Linda Waldon change. Thank you SO much! You do amazing work. I love the outfits you put together for me.”

Linda S.

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Click on the arrow.


“You NAILED my style, Linda!! Thank you so much for listening to my style vision and creating such visual cues for me!

I can use this video and our session together as a jumping off point for my style reinvention. I’m in the process of losing weight, and this experience has inspired me to keep moving forward and knowing where I’m heading in my 50s. Thank you again for the fantastic lessons.”

Tami J.

Yes! Linda, I’m Ready To Activate My Style Confidence
So I Can Get The Real Me Back!


Linda Waldon is a personal stylist, confidence coach, and educator specializing in helping women over fifty transition from pre-to-post menopause with style and grace. She enjoys being a badass style consultant who tells women the honest truth, a passionate teacher sharing all her best wardrobe tips and tricks, a writer who is just a blink away from writing the great novel, running her Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and pretending she has her own HGTV show. She loves bargain shopping and spending time with her friends and family, which includes her artist/sculptor husband, and two dogs, Kimbu and Rita.

“I’m passionate about taking the guesswork out of dressing confidently. Your job is to live your life in a full, satisfying, and meaningful way. My job is to make you self-assured, a stylish dresser, and self-confidently YOU!”