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On a scale of 1-10, how well do you put together attractive outfits?

How would it feel to have the wardrobe of your dreams with your best colors, flattering shapes, and your personal style?

It’s about refinement. Getting down to the essence of who you are, how you dress, and how you want to feel.

You know you don’t need as many clothes as you used to. But you struggle with knowing WHICH clothes to keep and which to discard.

It’s about knowing what looks good and FEELS good on your body – especially if you don’t quite recognize your body anymore.

Ignite your passion for style

by learning, once and for all, the colors and styles

that fit your lifestyle AND your body.

Which areas do you struggle with?

  • How To Choose Your Best Colors

  • How To Find Clothes That Flatter Your Body Shape

  • How To Get Out Of A Rut And Define Your Style

  • How To Find Clothes Over 50 And Accessorize

  • How to STOP Criticizing Your Appearance and START Loving Your Body

First, know you’re not alone.

Second, know there IS support for you.

And here’s how I can help you stop FIGHTING with your closet, feeling frustrated, and blaming your body:


All designed to let you take control and set the agenda for exactly where you need a confidence breakthrough.


This is Linda’s most popular program. It includes a 1:1 virtual style consultation, one style training module, and a customized style inspiration video created by Linda. A package guaranteed to give you a HUGE style breakthrough and hit you with AHA MOMENTS. Linda’s video superimposes your head onto models who are wearing the styles Linda sees you in. You literally see yourself transported into a new wardrobe of possibilities.

Here’s what Linda’s clients say:

“OMG!!!!  you made me cry!!!  That was SO much fun!!!  I love it!  So cute.  Thank you!!!!!  Love those styles! I’m buying several new pieces immediately!! – Linda S.

“I’m following Linda’s advice and it made a big difference. I feel more confident in my outfit choices. I haven’t done much shopping lately but I feel more focused on what to buy. Hopefully make less mistakes. Linda has helped me a lot.” – Paula G.

#2 Virtual Program – STYLE REDISCOVERY

Get ready to crank up the personal style advice meter with even more 1:1 time with Linda — 120 minutes of virtual style consultation time that you can use any way you choose. This package is for you if you want to get Linda’s full attention and guidance on cleaning out your closet, verifying your best colors and styles for your body shape, or shopping your closet and putting together outfits. Also included is Linda’s popular customized style inspiration video that has women raving and falling down crying with relief when they see how easy their style transformation is going to be!

“Linda is wonderful, warm and professional. She helped me nail down what colors, textures and styles would work best for me, and gave me the tools to be able to make confident clothing choices on my own. LIFE IS EASIER AFTER LINDA.”  Meg R.

“I just have to say that I was blown away at how Linda was able to see me and transform my look, cheering me on to step fully into my own power and beauty. She got me to step out of my style rut with her gentle loving and supportive style guidance.” Rose C.

#3 Virtual Program – RETURN TO CONFIDENCE

If you don’t like to shop and you’re looking for a stylist to shop for you, this program delivers a custom-tailored Style Lookbook filled with fashions that you can buy immediately. You will feel deliciously self-confident with a stylist choosing the right colors, styles, and outfits for your particular lifestyle.

Here’s what Linda’s clients said:

My virtual style consultation with Linda was a fabulous experience! Since growing out my silver-coloured hair and shedding some extra weight, I felt I really needed some guidance with making new clothing purchases. I wanted to ensure I was buying items in colours that suited me best. Not only has Linda provided me with the tools (colour card, style advice, style lookbook) to choose my true colours, I’m now aware of the best way to dress to enhance my body shape.  — Sandi M.

“Oh my…..Thank you so much!  I just keeping looking at it [Style Lookbook] and all the information.  I have a striped black and white jacket that I wasn’t sure what to wear with it and you gave me the idea to pair it with my red pencil skirt (I would never have thought of that).  And then there is that dress with all the colours (halter) wish I knew where to buy it.” — Catherine V.


If you’re a DIY kind of gal, and you’re looking for some answers to your color, style, and body shape questions, these training modules are for you! Purchased separately, each module contains 4 videos and a workbook. Choose the module that’s right for you. These are affordable, self-guided, can be taken all at once or one at a time. You’ll learn the fashion details and secrets only the stylists know!

Choose from the following style success learning modules:

  • Love My Colors
  • Love My Body
  • Love My Style
  • Love My Wardrobe

“I am finding the program extremely well done!  I watch a lot of webinar type sessions for my job and your presentation is just excellent!” – Joyce L.

“I wore the plum-colored dress [you picked for me] today with brown tights and my new fancy brown boots and leather jacket and two necklaces. And I felt amazing! This dress is perfect for work, I could move freely and sit comfortably. You’re awesome!”

Marie W.

“Linda knows her stuff and is kind and thoughtful in how she shares it. I needed a second set of eyes to help me evaluate my professional wardrobe and gently break out of a style rut to evolve to the next level. It was fun to work with her and the results feel natural, not forced or imposed. I really appreciate her eye and her heart.”

Amy K.

“Linda’s Style Your Way To Success video program put the icing on the cake for me. I refer back to the videos to make sure I’m looking for flattering necklines and shapes for my body and face.”

Janet H.

“My self expression through my style after working with Linda is 10x better. I have a closet full of clothes I love, look great in and enjoy wearing everywhere. I have matching jewelry for all of my outfits, I don’t have a thing in my closet I don’t love or wear and I get compliments constantly.  All things I never had before I met Linda.”

Polly M.