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Join us and reclaim the confidence you may have lost through the aging process
and rediscover your sensual style!

After only 7 days you will feel MORE CONNECTED with your body and MORE CONFIDENT about the outfits you wear.

Briefly, here’s what you’ll get after 7 Days of Sensual Styling:

  • You’ll attend 4 virtual meetings with me and a small group of women where the intention is to celebrate and honor your sensuality and connect with your fashion personality. The virtual meetings begin Tuesday, December 15.
  • You’ll feel more in touch with your body, embrace your beautiful assets, and give yourself permission to release the self-doubt and judgment that holds you back from feeling sensual in your clothes.
  • You’ll rediscover the sensual nature of fabrics that feel good against your skin, the colors that bring out your radiance, and garment shapes make you feel feminine and sensual!
  • You’ll learn about the “Spectrum of Sensuality” that clothing possesses, and how it plays into your style preferences.
  • Finally, I’ll share my most successful style strategies, holiday outfit ideas, and ways to “shop your closet” to create put-together outfits from your existing wardrobe. Your confidence will SOAR! As a result, you’ll have the social confidence to relax, shine, and walk into any room and OWN IT!

It’s been a busy year! It’s about to get busier with all the holiday parties and the stress of shopping well underway. This is your opportunity to take a break and reconnect with your body and your senses. Get in touch with your sensual style.

“I’m feeling so great about my clothing choices these days. I think about you every time I get dressed – in a good way, LOL!”
Sandi McRae, Canada
“Linda was great to work with. I feel like she taught me the fundamentals of style, and I feel much more confident about picking out colors and styles. I am going to continue working on building a capsule wardrobe for both work and casual and for different seasons. I am going to stop “hiding” in my clothes and start using my clothes to make a statement about myself. This class was so helpful. I wish it could go on..”
Joyce Loveless
“I loved working with Linda. She takes a realistic approach to the style makeover and understands the concerns of the over-50 woman. Linda also has the uncanny ability to take an outfit go from ho-hum to wow! I recommend this workshop for any woman who is wading her way through a fashion slump and wants to add a little oomph to her closet..”
Angela Binner

“Never before have I felt more powerful and feminine than now. Even though I am done giving birth to human life, I am now giving birth to new ideas and new ways of being a woman who embodies self-compassion and joyful celebration of my divine feminine energy. I am fulfilling my destination as a Teacher, Nurturer, and Cheerleader, leaving behind The Searcher, Minimizer, and Self-Doubter. I am privileged to share my experience and knowledge with women of a certain age that will open doors to self-love and self-esteem.

I’m so excited to get to know you and help you express your sensual style. The online group meetings promise to be lively, intimate, informative, and life-changing. I can’t wait to help you sort out your wardrobe challenges and make confident clothing choices that express the incredible woman you are inside and out.” — Linda Waldon, Stylist to Women Over Fifty


If This Opportunity Speaks to You, You’ll Have to Act Fast

This is a limited time offer to get personal style coaching from me at a ridiculously affordable price of $97 (that’s less than $15 a day). I’m only accepting a small number of women into this intimate program, so you’re sure to get lots of personal style guidance.

This is for you if you’ve grown tired of your current style,
and are ready to indulge in your sensual style and feel sensational!

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7 Days to Sensual Styling

Get ready to spend 7 days with me and learn how to express the Sensual Woman you are inside and out.

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