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Linda Waldon is an image stylist living on the California Central Coast on a mission to help women overcome their fear of visibility and rock their style confidence.

After a successful career in the computer industry, Linda decided to answer the calling of her early passion for fashion and brand image. Now she helps women transform from the outside in by teaching them how to wear pitch perfect colors and styles that project confidence and strength.

Linda is also a certified personality assessment trainer, writes a style blog, and teaches professional image workshops.

As a woman over fifty you have all the experience, knowledge, and wisdom you need. But sometimes, along the way, you may lose your confidence. Oh, you know you’re competent and capable all right, but when you look in the mirror, all you can see is your wrinkles, muffin top, and expanding midsection. I understand because I am a woman over fifty, too.

Not only do I have the wrinkles, muffin top and expanding midsection, but I have the arthritic joints and menopausal symptoms! I’ve learned over the years how to take care of myself emotionally, physically, and fashionably and I’m so excited to share my secrets with you. You will no longer worry about wrinkles and body changes because you’ll have a confidence about you that supersedes any self-doubts.

You’ll know how to dress your body in a way that gives you confidence and poise as you walk into any situation. You deserve to have an inspired wardrobe that inspires you to live life fully!”

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Here are some questions and answers about How A Style Makeover Works

Why do I need a Stylist?


In today’s world, we are frequently judged on our outward appearance. Having a polished image with a wardrobe that’s well organized can be hugely beneficial to your personal and professional life. Whether you’re reinventing your career in your second act, looking for a job, searching for your soul mate, or simply wanting to step up your image so you feel happier, the way you look will ultimately play a significant role in your success. A Personal Stylist will not only help you polish up your image and appearance, but also give professional advice on creating looks that work best for you.

Who is your typical client?


My current client base involves women over forty who have experienced some sort of change in their lives that prompted them to want to work on enhancing their appearance. They are entrepreneurs, retirees, and working women who are frustrated with the state of their wardrobe and not knowing how to create outfits. They tell me they just want to finally know what looks good on their body so they can feel confident and beautiful inside and out.

How much will it cost me?


The budget and comfort level of a client are of critical importance. Having said that, think of Personal Styling as an investment towards enhancing your personal image and presenting the best version of yourself to the world. For a one-on-one styling consultation, the rate is $100 / hour, with a minimum commitment of two hours. This is already more reasonable than the current market rate which is at least $200 / hour or $1200 flat fee, followed by multiple add-ons for every service offered! Most of my style consultations are $400. When I take clients shopping, the rate reduces to $75 / hour. I am very focused, we have a specific shopping list, and a typical shopping day is 2-3 hours.

Do you offer any virtual style consultations?


Yes. I offer a virtual style makeover package that includes a color and body shape analysis, style recommendations, and a closet edit. Through digital and electronic media, you will have a one-on-one consultation and learn how to utilize items already in your closet. Your consultation will include an in-depth analysis of your coloring, body shape, clothing and accessories (be prepared to take lots of photos!), suggestions about what to keep and what to toss, and a shopping list (with personalized store recommendations) to help you fill in the blanks. There will be a follow-up consultation for all Styling services, where you will be assisted in mixing any new purchases with the existing ones in your closet. It’s amazing how much we can do virtually today! This package is $200. A bargain for all the services you receive.

What modes of payment do you accept?


Cash, personal checks, or PayPal are acceptable.

What if I need a style makeover, professional photos, and shopping?


Many of my success-driven clients need exactly that! That’s why I created my Second Act Branding VIP Weekend. You will come to the beautiful California Central Coast and receive tremendous personal attention, from the initial style consultation with me, an in-depth personal branding workup including a detailed photo shoot script that captures the images that shine your light on the business and your brand, to the personal shopping day, to working with a professional team including stylist, hair and makeup, and photographer. All your accommodations will be taken care of, and you’ll receive the most rewarding results for $3,500. This all-inclusive Second Act Branding VIP Weekend will accelerate and punctuate your rise to success!

How does Stylist On Call work?


I’m thinking of adding a service to my offerings that gives you access to me via phone, text, or email. Many of my clients still need style advice as they set out on their own to shop. It’s really helpful to have me on your staff when you need style advice on the go. To receive styling advice and recommendations on an as-needed basis, you can pay for a monthly fee. This service is not inclusive of in-person consultations.

How often should I opt for Personal Styling?


As frequently as you want! However, if you have budget or time restrictions, it is recommended that you hire a Stylist at least 1 – 2 times a year, preferably at the onset of a seasonal change, or after significant weight loss / gain, or simply before attending a major event (e.g., a wedding).

Do I have to completely overhaul my wardrobe?


Not at all. Overhauling the entire wardrobe can be expensive and stressful. It’s more important to work with what you already have; enhancing your existing wardrobe by adding any necessary pieces and by guiding you on the best ways to accessorize and improvise.
Suggestions will be given on the DON’Ts of your wardrobe, but it’s entirely up to you whether to toss that clothing or keep it. However, it is recommended you follow the guidelines to derive the most advantage out of your styling consultation. Think of it as “Spring Cleaning” of your closet; you’ll only be creating space for newer, more flattering pieces.

Can I bring my significant other/best friend/mom to my appointment?


Please don’t! The styling sessions are designed to be one-on-one experiences, and such appointments can be most productive without family members or friends in tow. Remember this is time devoted to YOU.

Do you receive commission from the stores we visit?


There are some local boutiques that pay me a small commission, but that is rare. It certainly is NOT my motivation. I take clients to the stores that carry the client’s style preferences, have the items on her shopping list, and meet budget parameters.

Do you provide look books?


Absolutely! For an additional $150 I will create a unique style book (look book) for you. You will be given various looks with clothing and accessories that are cohesive, and the ability to buy directly from the retailer. There is no obligation to buy. Should you decide to buy any of the items suggested in your look book, you’ll be buying them directly from the online store/retailer. Retailers include stores such as Nordstrom, Navabi, Clara Sunwoo, ASOS, Covered Perfectly, Soft Surroundings, and more.

OK, I signed up! What happens next?


I will get in touch with you (either via e-mail / text / phone), and we’ll set up a date and time to meet. Meanwhile, you’ll fill out a survey where you will be asked a series of questions about your lifestyle, fashion choices, coloring, body shape, style preferences et cetera. If you’ve signed up for a VIP Virtual Style Makeover, I’ll ask you to take some photos and send them to me before we meet for our first 1-hour Skype session. Then the next step will be sorting through your existing wardrobe and setting aside anything that might be outdated or unflattering — this is what we’d refer to as the DON’Ts in your closet.