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//Ageless Style Note From Linda…October 2018

Ageless Style Note From Linda…October 2018

It dawned on me today that the year is coming to an end. October is such a beautiful month in California with the long, low shadows stretched across our oak tree-dotted property. Cool mornings, hot days, and chilly evenings are the norm in October.  So, layering is a must because you’re wearing a sweater in the morning, stripping it off during the day, and then reaching for something warm at night. October leads the way into a season of holidays, parties, religious and winter solstice celebrations, and generally more activities, hustle and bustle. Preparation is key to having a joyful holiday season. I like to think ahead and plan my calendar, outfits, gifts, and activities as far in advance as I can. Of course, this year is totally different because our house is on the market and we’re moving. No telling what my husband and I will be doing in December….

I consider Halloween the holiday that gets children (and many adults) really excited in anticipation of the holiday season. There have been times during my adulthood when Halloween was the highlight of my holidays, filled with fun, imagination, and playfulness. Now, I admit, I’m not decorating my house and creating haunted adventures for the neighborhood kids anymore — those days are over. But, if and when I’m invited to a Halloween party I’ve been known to get pretty excited about the whole thing. Especially the make believe, fantasy aspect of Halloween. It’s a time when you can be as wacky and outrageous as your imagination can take you. Everything is acceptable and anything is fair game. So I hope you’ll join me in playing a little this Halloween…explore your inner fantasies and choose to be someone or something that totally excites you. Or, just stay home and open your door to the song, “Trick or Treat,” and enjoy handing out goodies to the little monsters…

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