I believe in the importance of creating a wardrobe that makes you happy and gives you confidence every day. To do that, sometimes you have to be honest with yourself — do I really need this piece of clothing? Will I ever wear it? Does it fit?

When you’re ready to let go of some of your clothes and accessories, head over to theĀ Swap, Sell, and Buy Page and sell or give them away to your fellow sisters. This is a great way to make a few extra dollars, or share a beloved piece you never wear with one of your Style Sisters.



  1. You may sell or give away the following:
    1. Tops
    2. Pants & Shorts
    3. Skirts & Dresses
    4. Jackets
    5. Sweaters
    6. Accessories, such as costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, shoes, hats, gloves
    7. Or, anything that you consider part of a stylish woman’s wardrobe
  2. Take a photo of the item in bright light so the details and colors can be clearly seen — if you have a photo wearing the item that’s helpful, too.
  3. Create a post in the Style Sisters Facebook Community, and add the photo(s), description & price (YOU SET THE PRICE — $0 if it’s a giveaway); include the following in the description:
    1. Brand
    2. Size
    3. Fabric
    4. Condition
    5. Price (if you’re giving the item free, indicate whether you’re charging for shipping)
  4. The Style Club is not responsible for payments between parties (we don’t take any of the profit), or the shipping between parties. You and the buyer are on your own to work out the details of money and shipping.
    1. Note: A buyer should be willing to reimburse the seller for the shipping costs. But it’s up to you to decide what’s fair. Perhaps if you find items to swap then shipping is free to both parties.
  5. Buyers: When you see an item you’re interested in purchasing or obtaining, contact the seller via Private Message to work out the details.
  6. Sellers: You’re responsible for removing the post after you’ve shipped the item.


Step 1: Take clear photos of your item you’re selling or swapping.

Step 2: Go to the Style Club Wardrobe Exchange Facebook Page. Instead of writing a post, you’re going to click on the “More” button located at the far right of post box. Select “Sell Something”

Step 3: Fill in the Sell Something form with all the information about your item. Add photos (you can add more than one photo). For example, see below, I’m offering to give away a Worth Black & White Jacket for the cost of shipping.

Step 4: Hit “Next” to select the FB groups you want to post to. In this case, it’s Style Sisters. Hit “Post.”

Step 5: Your post will appear with the regular posts in the Style Sisters Facebook Group. Congratulations!!