The Year 2017 Fashion Review: The Best And Worst For Women Over 50

Here’s some of my thoughts on the past year in fashion…the best and the worst. Please share your best and worst in the comments!

The Best Fashion Trends: The ones that make you feel confident and beautiful.

The Worst Fashion Trends: Okay, I’ll just say it – I think the world took athleisure wear way too literally. Yes, it’s a great alternative style when you’re running to the grocery store, but athleisure does not mean flannel pj bottoms…just sayin. The good news about athleisurewear, is many women over fifty already wear loose-fitting clothing so the idea would be to uplevel your look with more trendy athleisurewear styles. That’s fine, just don’t overdo it!

Most Overdone Fashion Trends: Highly distressed and ripped denim (unless you love them, which I do, but if you think they’re ridiculous then you are so over it), wide-legged cropped pants (are we really ready for this?), short short dresses, and sneakers (unless you love them, which many of us do, but if you hate them you are tired of seeing everyone wearing them!).

Favorite Beauty Gadgets: Flawless facial hair remover (for the first time I am shaving my face!), Magnifying mirror (lets you see and remove the chin hairs that your husband never tells you about – because he can’t see them either!)

Best Online Shipping Service: Amazon, with Zappos as a close second.

Best Workout for Mind, Body & Spirit: For me, it’s a walk on a California beach (I do not do this enough, even though I live close to the beach). I’ll do better in 2018!! What’s your most regenerative workout?

Color of the Year: Tawny Port. For 2018, the color is Ultra Violet!

Accessory of the Year: Helen Anderson’s chunky necklaces (my friend Helen makes one-of-a-kind masterpieces >>

Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger: Our Style Your Way To Success Over Fifty member, Shelley Zurek, who is a kickass fashion blogger, a member of Linda’s Resource Team, and such a generous soul >>

Most Beautiful Eyes: Our very own Eva Goodson-Slover. Eva consistently wows us with her smoky eyes. We ALL want to know her secrets – it’s my goal, ladies, to get her on one of my teaching webinars in 2018!!

Best Beauty Product: My favorite beauty product comes from my friend, Lisa D’ettoree-Liguori, owner of Simple Beauty Minerals, I’ve been using her natural makeup and skincare products for a few years since she took my style workshop. My favorite product is her Cucumber Toner – I swear I’d go into withdrawal if she stops making it. I never used a toner before, but I understand it has wonderful healing properties, and this one in particular I feel like I could drink!

Biggest Bang for Your Fashion Buck: Shop your own closet!! Before you go out and buy anything new, reach way to the back of your closet and pull out the clothes you never wear.

My Favorite Style Thoughts: Style Is A State Of Mind. Every woman has her own individual expression of style. This is the year to show the world who you really are with your style!! Be Different, Be Bold, No More Hiding!!

What are your best and worst fashion trends from 2017?

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  1. Patricia February 5, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    I wish you would not allow so much face smoothing and photoshopping on the photos in your Facebook group. I left the group a couple of months ago because of it. It doesn’t help to see women using apps to get that perfect smoky eye, or impossibly poreless and smooth skin. It’s bad enough that young women are all doing this. To see women over 50 doing this and trying to pass it off as real is shameful. Especially when it’s so obvious, and they actually say they didn’t use any apps or filters.

  2. Adele Sommers January 1, 2018 at 10:52 am

    Happy New Year, Linda! Thank you for another splendid year of fabulous fashion advice! I’ve not been focusing much on style recently (since I’m still recovering from ongoing health setbacks), but I look forward to exploring new opportunities for self expression in 2018. In the meantime, kudos for all you do to inspire your audience!

  3. Linda Waldon January 1, 2018 at 7:55 am

    Hey Ladies! I’m leaving a test comment to see if this is working now. I’m sorry that it’s difficult to leave a comment. I will try to get this fixed this year — that’s what I said last year, didn’t I?????

    Oh well, I hope you enjoyed my list. Can’t wait to read your best and worst of 2017!! Linda

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